seLAmaT dAtaNg KE bLoG SOFEa SYIERa :)
daH sIngGAh JAnGAn LUpe 4LOW eA.....teNGSSS ... mUAhh<3

LoVE IkmAl ArIF ~~

Saturday, 18 June 2011


we HAve NEitheR sUMMER nOR WiNter
NeITheR AutUMn nor SprING 
WE haVE iNStead tHE dAYs
WHEN the GoLD sUN ShiNES on The LusH greEN CAneFIelds-
The DAys whEN THE raIN bEaTS LiKE bullets on the ROofs
aND There IS NO soUnD But tHE sWisH of WAtEr in the 
And Tress struggling in the high jamaica winds 
also there are the days when leaves fade from off guango trees.....

tHe  eNd ><><><><><

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